Лед Q Зельден

At over 3,000 m above sea level stands an impressive glass cube in the winter paradise in Sölden (Tyrol). In the end of 2013 the Ice Q restaurant was opened on the top of the Gaislochkogel Mountain. The modern, elegant design for the high-class restaurant is from the Innsbruck-based Architect Obermoser arch-omo.  

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was responsible for the structural dimensioning of the glass façade, the detailed planning of the steel skeleton and the calculation of the access bridges. The cube has cantilevers on three sides, with one side having a length of eight metres making it almost as long as the width of the building itself. From the top gondola station, a covered steel bridge leads directly to the entrance of the restaurant, with a second steel bridge spanning from the roof terrace to the mountain summit.

Объем работ
статические и конструктивные расчеты
Срок оказания услуг 2013
Исполнитель GIG Fassaden GmbH
Тоннаж стали 90 to Steel