Software Development

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH offers three innovative software products that have been developed together with Mursoft:

Concrete dimensioning  with ConDim – simple, practical, fast!

Every second structural designer in Austria is already using it. With ConDim (Concrete Dimensioning), it is very easy to calculate the correct amount of reinforced steel and concrete for a supporting structure. Whether it is a supporting beam, foundation or a wall – within seconds, the program delivers the required amount of reinforcements needed depending on the chosen standard.

The easy-to-use Windows User Interface makes it possible to start working with the application straight away. Demonstration examples delivered with the application allow you to quickly become operational and familiar with the program. The program was developed at the Institute of Structural Analysis – Graz University of Technology under the direction of Thomas Lorenz. It has since been further developed by Thomas Lorenz GmbH.


Office Management program ZTOffice  

As Civil Engineer or Architect, don’t you want to know at any time what the current status is for your projects? With this program, you have immediate control over the project costs, plan performance, remuneration and resources or manage the information of your clients. This product was developed in association with Mursoft.

Software for Structural Analysis Planning – RuckZuck

You would like to conduct structural calculations based on the current, valid standards? You just need to enter the parameters such as the cross section measurements and geometry and the software calculates – ruckzuck – the structural requirements. The software was also created in cooperation with Mursoft.