‘ÖGNI‘ auditors

Not only as certified auditors for the ’ÖGNI‘ (Austrian Sustainable Building Council) but also as a founding member thereof, we are able to support and accompany contractors on their way to certification according to ÖGNI for the following building types: ‚new buildings, office and adminstration buildings'.

On behalf of the contractor, we take over the responsibility for the registration process, advise to all parties involved on various sustainable building issues in the project and take care of the integration of the sustainability criteria agreed on with the planning team. We initiate all steps necessary to obtain the preliminary certificate and document the detailed planning as well as the realisation of construction measures. In this way, we meet all the requirements for the immediate issuing of the ‘ÖGNI’-certificate.

Basically, we monitor the complete certification procedure and its correctness.

Our new office building, the House of Engineers in Graz, was the first certified building according to ‘ÖGNI’ standards. The advantages of an ‘ÖGNI/DGNB’ certification can be found listed on the official ‘ÖGNI’ homepage

ÖGNI-experts in our office are:       

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Lorenz  

DI Christoph Schmied, MSc