In summer 2003, after many years of service at his father's firm, Lorenz Consult, Thomas Lorenz decided to found his own company. The Air Traffic Control Tower in Vienna was the first project that Thomas Lorenz worked on, doing the structural planning as well as the onsite supervision. On-board since day one was Nikolaus Obermayer, an experienced civil technician, Roland Reichl as structural planner and Martin Pramhas as draftsman.

One year later, the private company became Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH. Next to the Air Traffic Control Tower in Vienna came additional contracts and so the team also expanded up to eight employees.

Next Stop: Saudi Arabia
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH expanded its realm and received international contracts. From Saudi Arabia, it was off to Estonia and Russia. Towers, residential parks and office complexes were all having their statics calculated. As well, the divisions for steel construction and glass façades were formed.

Arrival in Moscow and Vienna

The first construction project in Russia was completed and, based on the good market, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH opened an office in Moscow. Two years later, the office in Austria's capital city Vienna was opened.
ÖBB Headquarters, Vienna Cruise Passenger Terminal, DC Tower - the major projects are in Vienna.

The House of Engineers had grown
In the meantime, construction of its own office building in Raiffeisenstrasse in Graz began. The so-called 'House of Engineers' offers place for more than 600 employees. In summer 2010, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH moved into the architecturally prominent building, together with partner companies.

New Partners
In 2011, the steering of the company was moved to a broader basis. Four longtime employees became partners: Jürgen Kraker, Markus Pein, Martin Pramhas and Roland Reichl.

10 Years – 700 Milestones
Over 700 projects have been completed over the past 10 years. The company has, in the meantime, grown to 40 employees. In September 2013, this was celebrated along with clients, partners and employees.

Expansion of company structure and management team In 2015, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH expanded its management team thereby setting the course for its future. Roland Reichl and Jürgen Kraker stepped into the management team and have since steered the company alongside Thomas Lorenz.  
At the beginning of 2016, the existing ownership structure was broadened by the addition of four distinguished colleagues who have been working for the company for many years. Together with Thomas Lorenz, Roland Reichl, Jürgen Kraker and Martin Pramhas, Manfred Grangl, Christoph Schmied, Andreas Bedianitsch and Gregor Schwarz were appointed partners.