A11 Karawankentunnel Entrance Area

Between 1987 and 1991, the single-tube Karawanken tunnel between Austrian and Slovenian borders was constructed as part of the A11 Karawanken motorway. Survey conducted by ASFINAG investigating possible expansion options showed that, from the technical viewpoint, the construction of a second tube would be the best solution.

The new construction of a second tube also requires the construction of a second lane in the tunnel entrance area in Carinthia. The route mostly sticks to the original route that was approved in 1979.

ASFINAG commissioned Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH with the drafting of the submission documents as well as the tendering process and the detailed project planning for the area in front of the second tube. Services include technical road planning and architectural support. The construction works also include a 344m long, prefabricated, reinforced concrete bridge in the entrance area, a 140m long anchored retaining wall, as well as an approx. 105m long earthworks area.

General Planning
Structural Engineering
Period 2014 - 2017
Client ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH
Building Costs € 8,7 M.