Underground Routes Koralm

In 2003, a three-step, EU-wide negotiation process for the structural analysis and the architectural design of underground routes at the Koralm Railway in Styria took place.

The consortium made up of Eisner-Lorenz-Seib won the negotiation procedure with a design made by Martin Zechner and were commissioned with the planning in January 2004.

The underground route Feldkirchen/Airport (Object FW2) has a total length of 5.2 km and includes, as its core, the railway station with four rails for the airport Graz-Thalerhof. The underground airport railway station consists of two through and two stop rails, each of the two stop rails fitted with a 320 m long platform. The two accesses to the platforms, which are situated at the border areas, are covered by an arch-shaped hall construction which is confined on either side by cantilevered canopies. Three elliptical floor openings are planned between the three accesses, which are protected by bowl-shaped shed roofs from the changing weather conditions (see photo left).

The underground route at Weitendorf (Object FW 12) was planned as the underpass under the A9 motorway between Wundschuh and Wettmannstätten near the motorway junction Weitendorf. This meant that between km 20.100 and km 21.380 the underpass construction comprising of a 475 m through-like wall and a 800 m underpass was required (see photo right).

Structural Engineering
[Object FW 12 underground route Weitendorf]
Period 2003 - 2009
Client ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
Building Costs FW 12 € 13 Mio.