ÖBB Headquarters Vienna

In January 2009, ÖBB-Immobilienmanagement GmbH opened an architectural competition for the construction of the ÖBB concern headquarters located south in the future Vienna Main Station. 56 proposals in total were submitted and, out of these, the Vienna architects Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH were chosen at the end of July. HÖSBA Projektentwicklungs- und Verwertungs GmbH&CoKG (a consortium made up from Habau, Östu-Stettin and BAI) has been responsible for the construction.

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH were commissioned with the sub-planning of the structural engineering. The floor plan of the new office building is shaped like an ‘S’, has got 23 floors and a complete gross floor area of approx. 60,000 m². It will provide office space for around 1,600 ÖBB employees. Completion of the headquarters building is scheduled for 2014.

Structural Engineering
Period 2009 - 2014
Client HÖSBA Projektentwicklungs- und Verwertungs GmbH&CoKG
Building Costs € 64.7 M