Styria Media Center Graz

At the end of 2006, the Architektur Consult ZT GmbH won the international architectural competition to design the new Styria Headquarters in Graz. The architectural draft set itself apart from its competition with a dynamic shape and a bold projecting section.

In July 2007, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH were commissioned with the structural engineering for the project. After many planning variations, a realisation seemed a long way off. But at the beginning of 2013, it was time: Porr Bau GmbH edged out renowned competition and landed the contract for the general contractor services for the upcoming new building.

At the new Graz Media Center, all business divisions of the Styria corporation will be concentrated into one place. The building offers office space for 1,200 people. Directly next to it, a parking area and multi-storey car park will be built. Aside from office space, a bank, a kindergarten as well as a restaurant will be housed in the building.

Construction costs are approximately € 37 M and the building complex has a gross floor area covering 32,650 m². The Ground-Breaking ceremony was held in February 2013, with the building being officially opened on 11.06.2015. 

Structural Engineering
Period 2007-2015
Client Porr Bau GmbH
Building Costs € 37 M