Ceremonial opening of State Police Command Center, Styria


On Friday, September 26th 2014, there were two special occasions to be celebrated: the 2nd anniversary of the State Police Command Center; and the on-schedule completion of its new building complex in Straßganger Straße, Graz. These were well and truly celebrated on the ‘Day of the Police‘.

Financed by the property owner ARE - Austrian Real Estate GmbH, the building strikes the beholder by its unique architectural design by the Graz architect Roland Heyszl.

Next to functionality and efficiency, its sustainable architectural concept played a major role in the designing process. In cooperation with Roland Heyszl, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was responsible for the complete general planning of the 13 M € project.

‘A particular challenge was the positioning of the shooting range on the top floor as well as the statics of the building because the main entrance area needed to be largely unobstructed by supporting pillars and that exactly at this position there is a knick in the building plan“, says Christoph Schmied, project leader in the general planning team.

For more information about the opening ceremony please visit the LPD Steiermark homepage.