Audit report EN 1090 for Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH

(8/8/2014) According to the current CPR Regulation (EU) 305/2011 on construction products, a CE identification for load-bearing steel and aluminium structure components has to be carried out based on the most recent EN 1090 standards.

The EN 1090 sets out a quality-assured production chain for companies working with steel and aluminium that starts with the planning, includes the production preparation and ends with the final completion of production. As part of this quality assurance, the company also has to prove the competence and knowledge of their planners.

This proof of quality of the planning function can be demonstrated if the planning office has achieved certification under the EN 1090.

As part of an audit by Quality Austria, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH obtained the EN 1090-2 and 1090-3 certification for the measuring and planning of steel and aluminium constructions for the production classes EXC1 – EXC3.

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH offers the highest quality standards, proven by this internationally recognised audit report, and, as such, provides our clients with the guarantee that we will deliver high quality planning services.