Obertauern 2014

(3/8/2014) The long skiing weekend in Obertauern was again a must-event this year for the Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH team.  

Departure from the office was right on time on Saturday, March 8th 2014, 8am. On arrival at Hotel ‘Steiner’, the first course of action was a delicious breakfast to be fit to start the skiing day. The team was greeted by the Hotel Manager with the words “Ah, the Thomas Lorenz crew is here again, thank you for the beautiful weather!” How true... how true... We enjoyed clear blue skies and sunshine for the entire 3 days of the stay.

This year, a few of us who have never skied before had the chance to get help from a ski instructor and so spent Saturday getting valuable tips from a professional. A small group from Thomas Lorenz again dared a thrilling tour off the slope. The rest of the crew enjoyed a sunny day’s skiing or in the Hotel’s health and spa area. For the Apré Ski, everyone met up ‘Edelweiss Hütt´n’ as well as the ‘Lürzer Hütt´n’. The dinner together afterwards rounded out the first day.

On Sunday afternoon, after a new skiing day we found ourselves the usual manner in the ‘Gnadenalm’. There, the Thomas Lorenz team could prove their worth in a biathlon event. After a short introduction, the competition started – and the fun – and this definitely did not end too quickly!

Following this was our usual fondue session in the hut.

The perfect weather in Obertauern could be enjoyed on the last day as well. The weekend was rounded off with having lunch all together in the hotel before setting off on the journey back home. After this great excursion, the Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH team are fully refreshed and motivated to get back into their projects!