Opening of the Donau City Tower

(2/26/2014) On February 26th, 2014, it was time – the DC Tower in the 22nd district of Vienna was opened. With a height of 250m, it towers over its neighbouring Millennium Tower by around 50m, living up to its acclaimed title as the highest building in Austria.  

Thomas Lorenz and his team calculated the statics for the entire 43,000 m² façade. On three sides of the building the façade are all even, with the forth side being ‘folded’. Around 1,800 façade elements make up the folded area, with only every third element being identical in construction.

“The complex geometry, in combination with wind loads of up to 310 kg/m² required uncounted special solutions”, says Rainer Terkovics from Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH. Especially challenging was the façade of the Sky Terrace on the roof of the building that was conceived to be able to be free-standing up to 10m. 

Apart from the façade, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was also responsible for various entrance and connecting stairways such as the free floating spiral staircase in the Hotel Lobby.