Skeleton of the ÖBB Headquarters completed

(11/6/2013) It towers high into the sky above the site of the future Vienna Main Station. After one and a half years of construction, the basic framework of the new ÖBB Headquarters has been completed. ‘We are even one month ahead of time because we had good weather conditions and the building companies worked well with each other,‘ Rudi Moroder, Structural Engineer at Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH, said.

The middle part above the construction’s main entrance turned out to be the most challenging part as far as the structural planning was concerned. The whole façade tilts a total of 4.2 m forwards between the ground floor and the 23rd floor. ‘Therefore the floor plan of each floor is different,‘ Rudi Moroder explained. ‘Moreover, the supporting elements divide up like the branches of a tree. The single pillar from the ground floor splits into two at the 6th floor.‘ The building is also characterised by its very widely spanned and thin ceiling. ‘In order that this is spread out evenly, we individually measured steel reinforcements that were made to high requirements.’

Even before the reinforced concrete frame had been fully finished, the mounting of the façade elements had already commenced. In the below-ground floors substantial works were already being done. The office is scheduled to be ready for occupation in autumn 2014. With its 88 m in height, this building is going to be one of the highest office complexes in Austria.  

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