Company ski weekend in Obertauen

(3/3/2012) Like in previous years, the Thomas Lorenz crew spent another fun-filled and eventful ski weekend in Obertauen.

On Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, we were greeted in Obertauen with dazzling weather. In such circumstances, naturally it was straight off onto the ski slopes. This was followed with a cheerful time until the early morning hours in the “Edelweiss-Hütt’n”. On Sunday we took our time with some skiing before heading off to the “Hochalm-Hütte”. With a minibus, we went on to the “Gnadenalm”, all fully equipped with our Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH beanies, for a round of ice stock sport. For a relaxing finish to the Sunday evening, we enjoyed a tasty Fondue. Due to the snow fall and fog on the last day, only a few of the Thomas Lorenz team ventured out on to the ski slopes. The other part of the team relaxed in the spa area of the hotel enjoying a relaxing coffee. Before our journey home at 2pm, we had another group lunch to close out the weekend and have a review of the time we spent together.