Signing of the contract with the new co-partners

(7/21/2011) In July 2011, the company structure of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was expanded by the addition of several new partners. Five key staff who have been working for the company for several years were offered the opportunity to become co-partners. The new co-proprietors have been working in the company since its foundation and are characterized by outstanding personal commitment, profound professional competence and particular management skills.

The new co-partners are: DI Jürgen Kraker (Director of Structural Design), Mr. Nikolaus Obermayer (Director of Construction), Ing. Markus Pein, MSc. (Director of Construction Management), Ing. Martin Pramhas (Director of Construction) and DI Roland Reichl (Director of Structural Design).

DI Dr. Thomas Lorenz remains Managing Director.