Office excursion Koralmbahn Steiermark


On July 17th 2008, all staff of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH visited two sections under construction of the Koralmbahn Steiermark in the area of Weitendorf – Wettmannstätten.

Mr Leski, site supervisor, and Mr Schuster, the responsible project leader from Granit (the construction firm responsible for the section) showed us the construction site of FW 12 underpass Weitendorf, with a total length of approx. 1600m.
Mr Überbacher, foreman of the responsible construction company Strabag, made an impressive presentation of the construction progress of the bridge objects FW 13 Kainachbrücke and 13A ‚floodway’ Kainach.

The evening was spent all together and we enjoyed tasty specialties at the Buschenschank ‚Kieslinger’, Leibnitz.