Bringing Summer to an End with Sport

(10/16/2018) This month, there were two sporting events that have become ”must“ events for the Thomas Lorenz GmbH team. 

The first weekend in October saw the Indoor Football Tournament from Netwerk Bau. As with last year, the team from Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH was not to be beaten by the other teams. Even two ”honorary“ members from Italy (Lorenz Stauder) and Austria (Werner Wukits) were in service as legionaries. The entire time was filled with constant goal chances and goal celebrations. With this, team captain Bernd Zadravec lead the team to winning the tournament again. This year, there was even a TLo-Fan section whose loud support heated up the stadium and other public supporters. The official victory celebrations took place over a few burgers, with the extra time being played out at a wine reading festival in the south of Styria.

One week later, eight runners stood to take the challenge of the ”Graz Marathon 2018“. Under summer-like temperatures, blue skies, and (too) much sunshine, the team again achieved top results. Gregor Schwarz completed his first half-marathon, finishing the distance of 21.5km in an incredible 1h 58 min 46 sec. The remaining TLo- team put their sporting talent in the quarter marathon to the test. The fastest of the round was Markus Steger. He completed the 10.5km course in an amazing time of 48min 41 sec. All personal goals were reached. Good reason enough to celebrate afterwards with pizza and beer.

For the team of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH it was a very physically active ending to the long summer of 2018!