Innovation Center KNAPP

(2/5/2018) KNAPP Group – one of the leading warehousing logistics companies in Austria – is currently constructing a new office building at its headquarters in Hart bei Graz. The new building will house a showroom for the diverse range of technology offered by the KNAPP Group on the ground floor. The building will also accommodate approximately 480 employees.  Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH has been commissioned with the general project management by KNAPP Group and will also carry out the general planning coordination, structural planning, onsite supervision as well as all the building modelling services and model-based tendering processes.

Demolition work has been in progress since Christmas 2017, so that the building works can commence as scheduled as of March 2018. For Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH this project is especially exciting as it is the first time project where both the planning and execution of construction work are completely based upon BIM-Method.