Thomas Lorenz wins contract for the planning of the demolition of a 175m high chimney

(2/8/2017) On 08.02.2017, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH won a contract that you do not see every day. The two 175m high chimneys and the 160m high pylon of the now closed district heating plant at Neudorf-Werndorf are to be removed. Thomas Lorenz and his team are supporting the demolition experts FMD from Weiz with the concept planning and demolition statics. Built in 1966, the triangular mast is supported by high-tension cables on two levels, with the chimney pipes running up alongside and connected to the mast. On the inside there is also an elevator system that has to be dismantled. The mast and chimney together weigh around 400 to. It is planned that the demolition will be performed by a 185m high, free-standing, rotating tower crane. Special challenges also exist due to the nearby cycle path, the neighbouring boiler house and that the high mast construction is very narrow.