Graz Marathon October 10th, 2016

(10/10/2016) On Sunday, October 10th 2016, the annual Graz Marathon took place. Like before,  three runners from Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH took part in this event. They successfully managed to complete the quarter-marathon despite quite chilly and rainy weather conditions. They had to run a distance of 10.5km, and each of them managed the distance in top times.

With a time of 56 minutes and 14 seconds, Gregor Schwarz proved to be the fastest of the Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH team. Shortly after that, Thomas Lorenz crossed the finish line with an excellent result of 57 minutes and 18 seconds. And Franz Reichl came third with an excellent one hour and five minutes. Although he was not below the one-hour limit, he was one of the best in his age group.

Such an alternative way of spending a Sunday will definitely be part of the schedule for autumn 2017.