Excursion to a building site in Vienna

(10/7/2016) In the early morning hours of October 7th 2016, 26 members of the Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH team made their way to Vienna to visit three of the currently ongoing construction sites in order to see how the theory looks like in practice.

At 10am, all the staff were at the first construction site on the motorway at Inzersdorffully equipped with reflective vests, protection helmets and protection boots. After a detailed presentation by ASFINAG the construction site could be inspected. After the exhausting inspection, lunch was served at Hotel Daniel which is located close to the second building site. This then lead the team to Arsenalstraße and the SIGNA site “Parkhotel & Parkapartements Belvedere“. The last and most impressive stop was definitely  at “A01 – The Icon Vienna“ which is also a SIGNA project and characterised by different building heights. It represents a business property with several lower storeys and is located directly behind the Wien Hauptbahnhof. Due to lack of space this building is constructed using a top-down construction technique.

After the last construction site, the coach took the team to dinner in Oberlaa. With pizza, pasta & co some more expert talks with the Porr’s construction manager of the A01-building site were made. Fully recovered and refreshed we started the journey back home, and the two-and-a-half hour drive passed by very quickly with beer, music, a lot of fun and a few little naps here and there.

This year’s excursion was a very informative trip and, most of all, a welcome change from the daily routine. The complete Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH team is already looking forward to the next company event.