Office Excursion Murtal (9/15/2017)

This year’s office excursion took the team from Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH to Murtal in the north-west of Graz. A tour of two of our company’s projects was scheduled – the current construction sites at the S36 near Unzmarkt and Schloss Admontbichl near Obdach.  ... More

Organisational Changes (6/30/2017)


Mr BM DI (FH) Markus Pein, MSc, after 14 years of service with the company, has decided to pursue his own professional ambitions as of July 1st, 2017.  ... More

Böhler Aerospace Billet P44 – Application of BIM in Industrial Construction (6/7/2017)

Böhler Edelstahl in Kapfenberg is investing in an additional, modern forging plant to manufacture high value and high quality products from stainless steel and special alloys for industries such as the aviation and energy sectors.

The project will be carried out by Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH using the BIM-method. The basis is a digital model of the building that includes the complete inner equipment installation of the plant. This will ensure the early identification of conflicts between construction and installation.

The complex geometry of the concrete required for the pressing areas that are up to 11m deep, were developed in a three dimensional model using the Revit program based on the requirements from the plant engineering company. With planning workshops with this company, the model was directly adapted, the detailed planning and progress were updated in the model live. The release process was also done from within the model. The building model was not just the source for all building plans, but also all measurements and tenders could be generated directly from the model. Following the completion of the project, the digital model will be handed over to the principal’s facilities management team.

Raiffeisen Business Run 2017 (5/8/2017)

Together with many other sport fanatics, seven teams from Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH were at the starting line at this year's Raiffeisen Business Run held in the inner city of Graz. ... More

Thomas Lorenz ZT goes BIM (3/30/2017)

For Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH, 2017 will be a year fully dedicated to the complete and company-wide implementation of an end-to-end BIM process.   ... More

Ground breaking ceremony S36 Unzmarkt (3/24/2017)

On 18.03.2017, the ground breaking ceremony marked the official start of the construction section 05 of the S36 at Unzmarkt. In the party tent setup directly on the new route, representatives from politics and business could mingle and meet. ... More

Excursion to Lachtal  (3/7/2017)

At the beginning of March, the team of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH took part in a skiing and sledding excursion to Lachtal. In the early morning, the team went towards Upper Styria by bus. ... More

Thomas Lorenz wins contract for the planning of the demolition of a 175m high chimney  (2/8/2017)

On 08.02.2017, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH won a contract that you do not see every day. The two 175m high chimneys and the 160m high pylon of the now closed district heating plant at Neudorf-Werndorf are to be removed. ... More